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The Business of Beer

Brasserie Nationale, 2, bvd. J. F. Kennedy, L-4930 Bascharage

Coming from the home of Guinness, a brand that is synonymous with Ireland, we Irish have an appreciation of beer being part of a national identity: think Heineken and Carlsberg as being associated with their home countries, also. But the brewing industry is much more complex than that, with major corporations holding a multitude of national and international brands. So where does a national brewery such as Bofferding fit? How does it compare with the many local and regional brewers in Germany, for example? Where does it sit vis a vis the craft beers and micro-breweries? What are the challenges - quality raw materials, water purity and distribution to name but a few?

Join us for a presentation on this by Mathias Lentz, Director of Brasserie Nationale on 10th July, 2024 at 18.00 (Registration) to hear these topics addressed.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A which in turn will precede a tour of the brewery and beer tasting. Canapes will also be available.

2, Bvd. J. F. Kennedy, L-4930 BASCHARAGE

Prior registration necessary by clicking on this link:
Or by sending a mail to

For security reasons, only those who have registered in advance can be admitted. Closing date for registrations Monday 8th July 17.00.

Numbers are strictly limited and registration will be on a first come basis.
ILCC Members: Free
Non-members: €20.00 payable to ILCC account IBAN: LU13 0028 4100 3296 6600

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