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The Ireland-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ILCC) is a business association with the objective of supporting the introduction of individuals and businesses to each other across the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The ILCC, a bilateral chamber, will also represent the views and interests of our members and develop links with other Irish Chambers, business groups, the international Irish corporate network and all relevant bodies in Ireland.



  • Represent the views and interests of its members

  • Act as a focal point for meetings with Irish Ministers and other Irish representatives

  • Provide members with access to senior policymakers and opinion formers in Ireland and Luxembourg



  • Disseminate information through the Chamber website ( and via social media and other means

  • Provide links to other Irish Groups and Associations active in tourism, culture and sports

Business Networking

  • Organise a regular calendar of formal and informal networking opportunities to meet and share experiences, ideas and network businesses

  • Promote Ireland as a trading partner, a location for investment, research and development, education and high technology and as a tourism destination, within the business community in Luxembourg


Membership Application

To apply for membership of the Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce please download and complete the ILCC Membership Application.

If you would like more information about the Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce or have any questions then please contact us by filling this form.

The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce does not share any data with any other organisation without your prior written consent and we use contact information only for our relationship with you and for no other purpose.

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