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ILCC Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary!

2987, Cité de l'Aéroport, 2632 Findel, Luxembourg

The ILCC invites you to join this special event and celebrate its 5th anniversary and, maybe, even win a flight to Dublin! Read on to find out more...

Help the Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce fly into its next half-decade with Luxair.

​The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce is set to celebrate its fifth birthday. For those of us involved, it is hard to believe that the ILCC has been going for five years. However, in that time, the Chamber has organised more than 30 events attended by more than 1500 people. Also, the ILCC has been involved in many events with other chambers.

​It is my belief that we have gained a standing in the Luxembourg community for organising interesting events ranging from providing insights to the businesses of charity, rugby and football, aviation and the role of small open economies such as Ireland and Luxembourg in Europe.

We are very grateful for the support we receive from the business community here in Luxembourg financially and via their involvement as direct members, as members of our Board and of our Executive Committee. A wide range of small businesses also support the ILCC greatly and we have a cadre of individual members from all sectors. This is a vibrant group and, as we enter our next five years we are committed to growing that element of our membership.

To do so, in these times, where everyone watches their budgets, the Executive Committee have decided to celebrate 5 years by offering the 2017/2018 individual membership at a special rate of €80 in place of the current €120. This will apply for both new and existing membership. For this, these members will have free access to our members-only events and get a much-reduced rate for others.

​To celebrate 5 years and to launch this individual members’ initiative, we are getting together with Luxair to hold a summer cocktail at the airport. This will also recognise that Luxair is now expanding its very successful Luxembourg-Dublin schedule.

As further incentive, for all members who attend the event, including those who join on the evening, taking advantage of our special rate, there will be a draw for two return tickets on the Luxembourg-Dublin route kindly donated by Luxair.

​Come along, celebrate 5 years of the ILCC with us by being a member (more info here), and, maybe, even win a flight to Dublin!

Register for this event by clicking the link below, but please do so quickly as numbers are limited and priority will be given to members.

--Joseph Huggard

Chairman – The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

Parking: Free parking will be offered to those availing of one of the underground car parks at the airport.
Our partner: Luxair

event report

Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce flies high for its Fifth Anniversary Event

​The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ILCC) celebratory Fifth Anniversary Cocktail party was held on Wednesday evening, Fifth of July, at the Oberweis Restaurant, Luxembourg Airport.

​Many members and guests attended and appreciated the great location chosen for this event.

Joe Huggard, Chairman of the ILCC, in his welcome speech stated that the ILCC prided itself on organising events covering a wide range of topics which have been attended by more than 1500 people over 5 years. He thanked Luxair for sponsoring the event and also for donating two return tickets from Luxembourg to Dublin for a draw to be held on the evening.

Adrien Ney, CEO of Luxair explained that Luxair valued the Irish market and thus had increased its flights to Dublin over the recent months and hoped to schedule more. He commented that although Luxair was willing to add morning flights to Dublin, there was not yet an available time slot to facilitate this at Dublin Airport. Mr Ney concluded his talk by picking out the winner of the Free Flight Draw. The lucky recipient was Sam O’Dea of Sunflower Montessori.

Drinks and delicious canapes were provided by the Oberweis Restaurant and the photographs which accurately captured the happy mood of this event were taken by Ali Sahid of

The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce would like to thank its members and guests for attending the night and for their continued support of the Chamber.

(--Saran Buckingham, 2017)

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