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Irish Chamber to Attend British & Irish Film Season

30 September 2015

Cinémathèque (17, place du Théatre, Luxembourg-Ville)



The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ILCC) attended the 6th annual British & Irish Film Season which took place from Monday 21 September to Friday 2 October 2015.
On Wednesday 30 September 2015, ILCC attended the screening of You're Ugly Too at the Cinémathèque (17, place du Théatre, Luxembourg-Ville) at 20:30. Following the screening of the film and the Q&A with the director Mark Noonan (over Skype), we also attend the post-screening reception.

Synopsis: Will is released from prison on compassionate leave to care for his niece Stacey after the death of her mother. As they both head into the sleepy Irish midlands and attempt to be a family, they suffer a series of setbacks; Stacey is refused admission to the local school because of her recently developed narcolepsy; Will repeatedly comes close to breaking his prison-ordered curfew; and his attempts at being a father figure to her prove disastrous… As their future hangs in the balance, they must search for a new way forward together. The two leads emit great chemistry! Similarities with the 2011 German film Kokowääh.

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