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Photo by the Luxembourg Chronicle.

The Business Dimensions to NGOs

and International Aid


31 March 2014


Chambre de Commere Luxembourg 

When business engages with the world of NGOs and Charities, many questions arise:
As NGO's get more business like, what can business learn from them?
Just how much difference does the profit motive make to the way we are organised in the commercial world? 
How is it that NGOs maintain such a degree of trust with the public but business so often does not?
Enthusiasm is a driver of commitment, is it relevant to business?
Are NGOs really more ethical than business, or are their managers simply more adept at public relations?
Is there a moral problem with communicating to prompt emotions like empathy and charity?  If so, does it apply to both business and NGOs or only to one of them?
Are all NGO partnerships with business cynical, or are win/wins possible?


The Event
The next ILCC event will bring the worlds of NGOs, business and State together to discuss the similarities, differences, interactions and interdependence between the three actors in the cause of international development. 


Keynote Speaker: Ms Adi Roche, Chernobyl Children International
“The Business of Running an International NGO”

With expert panellists:
Mr Marc Angel, Deputy and President of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign and European Affairs, Defence and Development
Ms Tonika Hirdman, Fondation de Luxembourg
Mr Luc Scheer, Board Member, Red Cross Luxembourg

Building on the keynote address by Ms Adi Roche of Chernobyl Children International, the event will discuss:

  • How NGOs have adapted and adjusted from being 'well meaning' charities to professionally managed organisations.   

  • How NGOs must take on business structures and ethics of operations in order to gain credibility and survive.  

  • The philanthropic activities of individuals and corporations and their interaction with NGOs, which enable each to achieve their respective missions.  

  • The role of State funding for development and its role in promoting best practice and professionalism within the NGO sector.

  • The impact of the economic crisis on overseas aid in general.


The event will be followed by a networking cocktail.
Fees:     NGO Representatives: No charge
ILCC Members: € 10
Non-members: € 20
Registration at
The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce ILCC will make donations to both Chernobyl Children International and Red Cross Luxembourg from the proceeds of the event.


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