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Brexit: Planes, Drinking Water, and Mars Bars

19 Avenue de la Liberté, 1160 Luxembourg

The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce that it will be partnering with the British Chamber of Commerce in an After-Work event:

“Brexit: Planes, Drinking Water, and Mars Bars”

which will take place on Thursday, 07 November at 17.30 at Spuerkeess Banking Centre “19 Liberté” 19, Avenue de la Liberté, L-1160 Luxembourg.

The event takes place 7 days after the revised Brexit deadline of 31 October and presents and
opportunity to discuss where we really are.

The keynote speaker will be HM British Ambassador,
John Marshall, followed by experts in relevant fields.

It has been decided that this event will be restricted to BCC and ILCC members only.

Further details and registration is on the BCC website on this link.

We look forward to seeing you there!

event report

A very interesting event - "Brexit: Planes, Drinking Water and Mars Bars" - hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce at the Spuerkeess Banking Centre on November 7th.

The discussion was moderated by Douwe Miedema, Editor in Chief, Luxembourg Times and guest speakers were Martin Hollywood, Tax Partner, PwC Luxembourg, Claude Marx, Director General, CSSF and Marielle Stevenot, Employment Law Partner, PwC Legal Luxembourg.

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