The Weakest Link – The Supply Chain


The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce held a virtual, online event ''The Weakest Link – the Supply Chain'' on Tuesday 12th May.

Three guest speakers shared their expert knowledge on the global supply chain and the challenges Covid-19 has posed to both industry and consumer.

Our first speaker, Richard Meads, an econometrician, discussed the development of the global value chain and how it is currently affected by Covid-inspired changes in consumer habits. He highlighted that the impacts were both on the demand and supply side. He also suggested that supply disruption could see a possible return to regional and domestic production with greater debate over ''make or buy'' options.

These insights regarding supplier and consumer disruption were also echoed by our next speaker, Tom Murphy, President Kerry Luxembourg, who described that how changes in consumer preferences could affect farm production as well as the future of restaurants and supermarkets.

Our last speaker, George Buckingham from the NATO Support and Procurement Agency, outlined a different angle with a discussion about the impact of the pandemic on the defence industry supply chain with some thoughts about lessons and possible future trends. He also mentioned the concept of critical supplies and how sourcing was almost exclusively from NATO member countries.

A more detailed report of our event can be found in following the link:

The chamber would like to thank the guest speakers and the attendees who listened in to our first virtual, online event.



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