Surviving COVID-19 in the Hotel Industry

Tuesday, 18 October 2020


Gregory Tugendhat has worked in the hotel industry across the world – in the Far East, the Middle East and Europe, for international chains as well as boutique and independent hotels, and now runs RegiOtels from Luxembourg.
He will share his experience and insights into the business models of hotels before COVID-19 (e.g. links with airlines and tour operators, occupancy rates, corporate discounts), across different geographic regions, offering different levels of quality and expectation, and the different ways in which the pandemic has affected them, and how they can adapt and evolve in the “new normal” to win back and attract new customers.
He will look at both business and leisure travel (specifically accommodation, also conferences, etc.) and currently the difference between how hotels in cities are faring against those in more rural settings. And he will also look to the future to predict what next year and beyond will bring in terms of changes to the hotel industry worldwide.

Report of on-line Seminar

The Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce held its on-line seminar ‘’Surviving COVID – 19” in the Hotel Industry’’ on Tuesday,
13th October.

Guest speaker, Gregory Tugendhat, Managing Director of RegiOtels, Luxembourg, spoke of the effects COVID -19 had on the hotel
and leisure industry. He outlined how home office working has had a direct impact on bookings with the larger conference hotels,
leaving many with minimal occupancy and the threat of closure and job losses.

Also, advance hotel bookings are suffering due to the “swift and brutal” impact COVID -19 is having on travel sectors such as travel
agencies and airline companies.


The hotels that appear to have fared better according to RegiOtels director, are the smaller regional hotels where, for example, the
Luxembourg population are taking advantage of the 50-euro hotel voucher initiative given to every household in Luxembourg.

Gregory ended the talk on an optimistic note saying that the hotel industry, especially regional hotels through demand for more local
regional travel, will have the resilience to survive this crisis.


You can view the full seminar on the following link.
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