Plastics, Our Oceans, Our Planet.

David Jones, underwater photographer, film maker, environmentalist and founder of  NGO, gave a talk to ILCC members and guests at the Parc Hotel Belair on 24th May, about the impact of plastic pollution, a subject on which he campaigns passionately. His theme ‘Plastic Pollution: How did we get here and what can we do about it’ was outlined in his talk.

How did we get here? Well, David explained that plastic became a revolutionary single use, throw away, home help in the 1950’s. The convenience of plastic use and easy disposal then became ubiquitous, so much so that this practice has continued on for almost seventy years, which has resulted in plastic having a dire, global effect on our built environment and natural habitats. Video and photography taken by David both on land and in sea, illustrated this awful fact. David showed video footage of a seagull being dissected and its stomach was full of plastic. The scientist in the video footage explained that the weight of contents in this bird’s stomach was equivalent to 6-8 kg of plastic in a human’s stomach! A terrifying thought.

What can we do about it? David is a pragmatist in his approach to plastic and says that it will always be in our lives. If managed carefully, through a holistic process involving education, innovation, government policy and improved waste management, then change can occur and sustainability is possible.

A lively question and answers followed after the talk. The evening’s theme followed into the networking and drinks which was supplied in usual flawless fashion by the hotel staff.

This event drew a diverse audience and organisations including Mouvement Ecologique, ‘Appel Reduction Plastique’, philanthrocapitalist enterprise Nev Earthfund and from the Netherlands, Social Surf Solutions.

The Chamber would like to thank its members and guests for supporting this event.

-- Saran Buckingham


Photos by Ali Sahib.



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