Discover the Stars

8 December 2016, Eirelux





“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan


ILCC members and guests were indeed looking at the stars during their annual Christmas Networking Event Night on December 8th but thankfully, none were lying in the gutter!

Guest speaker Matt Dawson, professional astronomer, captivated us with a fascinating talk about the cosmos.


Matt has been an avid meteor tracker since he built his first telescope at the tender age of nine. He found Saturn through this crude device and said it was ‘a life changing moment’.  Fifty years and 2000 astronomy books later, he remains as passionate about the cosmos now as he was as a boy.

The fascinating talk on the planets was aided by some spectacular photographs, many of which Matt had taken using the powerful telescope at his observatory in the Natural Regional Park of the Lorraine, where he runs a variety of special guided tours for visitors.


We were humbled to be told that our solar system is one of a billion in this galaxy, and that there are one billion other galaxies. He explained that with a relatively affordable €200-300 telescope a beginner can view planets like Mars, Venus and Jupiter.

The Christmas Networking event took place at the new Irish bar at Eirelux, where Vincent Clarke the owner, and his staff, worked hard to look after everyone, with trays of cocktail sausages and delicious Irish Salmon on brown bread.  All this washed down with a wide range of Irish craft beers expertly introduced by Stefan Ziegenhagen.  A wide variety of high quality Irish groceries, whiskey and beers are available at Eirelux if you looking to stock up for your own Christmas party.

A little trip up the stairs to the English bookshop Chapter One, also proved to be a pleasure.


Everyone had a great festive evening and with many more interesting events due in 2017. The Chamber, as always, encourages and welcomes new members.  


-- Saran Buckingham, December 2016

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Photo by The Luxembourg Chronicle.