St Patrick's Week Film Festival, March 2017


Two Irish comedies Sanctuary and Young Offenders, featured in this year’s St Patrick’s Week Luxembourg Mini Film Festival.

G -Media sarl, organisers of the annual British & Irish Film Season (BIFS), in collaboration with the Irish Club of Luxembourg (ICL) and  the Ireland-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ILCC), and with the support of the Embassy of Ireland in Luxembourg, made this film week possible.

Sanctuary, directed by Len Collin, tells the story of a group of intellectually disabled people who get separated while on a cinema day trip. Each splintered group enjoy their freedom from supervision with both hilarious and often poignant results. This film was thought provoking and left the viewer with a better understanding of life as seen through the eyes of the intellectually disabled. Both Len Collin director and Kieran Coppinger lead actor, were in attendance for a short Q & A session following the screening of the film. Collin explained to the audience that the film was adapted from a play produced by Blue Teapot company which is an Irish theatre company whose actors are mainly intellectually disabled. The same actors who appeared in the original play also appeared as their stage characters in the film.

The Young Offenders, which was screened on Sunday 20th March, was the   last film of the St Patrick's Week Film Festival. This comedic film attracted a full house and Chris Walley, one of the film’s lead characters, was  present to receive questions from the audience after the screening.

Chris who is a native of Cork and currently studying drama at RADA, explained that he has been involved in drama all his life. He told the audience that the film was made on a shoestring of €60,000 and has more than reaped its rewards as it has grossed  so far, € 1m euro at the Irish box office alone.

The Irish chamber would like to wish both Sanctuary  and The young Offenders every best wish for their screenings at various Film Festivals in Europe and America.

Both films were screened at the Cinémathèque Luxembourg.



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